The Chair Of Micro Process Engineering and Technology


The Chair Of Micro Process Engineering and Technology - COMPETE - was established as new research and development center at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in order to expand and apply the existing expertise in microfluidics of the research groups from five faculties: Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Biotechnical Faculty, Faculty of Medicine. It aspires to grow into a sustainable leading European center for micro-process engineering within five years of the project, thus having a socio-economic impact by inducing structural changes on a larger scale, such as becoming a platform for future start-ups.

This new center aims to improve research performance in the field of micro-process engineering, microfabrication, and micromachining, as well as fundamental research in biophysics, chemistry, and microbiology using microfluidics. It will foster research excellence and knowledge transfer by enabling intra- and inter-institutional collaboration of researchers, industrial partners, governmental and non-governmental entities via organizing workshops and summer schools, and launching a doctoral program.

In addition, the COMPETE team will apply for new funding for interdisciplinary research projects with industrial partners and other stakeholders to develop novel applications in chemical and pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, biomedicine, food quality assessment, and environmental protection.


Research groups

Team members

Project ideas

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our objectives

COMPETE establishment

Appointment of the Chair Holder, growing a team of researchers, and providing a work environment for all the team members.

Implementing structural change

Long-term innovation and research action strategy, implementing open labor market and gender equality in research, and finally implementing scientific knowledge transfer and open access.

Capacity building

Gathering existing and new knowledge, building competencies of researchers, funding joint researcher projects with different stakeholders, and starting a new Ph.D. study field, summer school, and workshops.

Networking and cooperation

Building a network of researchers and academic institutions on national, regional, EU and global level, and collaboration with industry partners.

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Start date

1st January 2019

End date

31st December 2024

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Overall budged

2.500.450 €

EU contribution

2.500.000 €

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University of Ljubljana