In the Alternative Technologies Laboratory we focus our research on technologies and process chains for micro manufacturing, including electrical discharge micro machining (EDM), maskless lithography, micro injection moulding, additive technologies such as fused filament fabrication and mask projection stereolithography.

Important activities are also metrology, sensing, monitoring and process control using microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, which allow us to build peripheral systems for microfluidic devices. In addition to microfluidic systems, process models are being developed using numerical modelling, physical modelling, cellular automata, data analysis including machine vision, and component design using 3D models.

Figure 1: CFD modeling of flows within microchannels, design optimization for micromixing, micromixer manufacturing and testing.

Figure 2: Process chain for polymer replication of microfluidic platforms, tooling, microinjection moulding simulations and process parameter optimization.

Figure 3: Development of method for on-line prediction of electrode wear in the process of micro EDM milling.


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